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Survivor Services

When you have lost a loved one or your loved one becomes disabled, there are several emotions that will emerge. It is not in your best interest to make major decisions during this time. Managing the shift of finances can be challenging. We can assist in the transition of benefits and help make sense of a variety of paperwork that may have been left behind.  We will provide you with ethical and valuable information so that you are able to make the best decisions on your behalf. We offer the following services to help you in your time of need:

  • Document sorting and organization
  • Communication assistance (With financial, insurance, or legal representatives).
  • Life Insurance Death Benefits
  • Spousal/Beneficiary Inheritances
  • 401(k), pension, and other retirement savings accounts
  • Stock Options
  • Proceeds from the sale of a home or other real estate
  • Trusts
  • Interest in a business
  • Also see Survivors Checklist

During the grieving process, finances shouldn't be a burden. With our help, you can focus on your family and yourself while we work with you to maintain financial stability and growth.


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